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Services Overview

Services Overview

Create Pathways Counseling has extensive educational and clinical experience in assisting children, adolescents, teens, adults, couples and families in working through the challenges they are facing. Through this experience, I have designed, developed and authored customizable intervention models to help partner with you in creating your own pathway to identifying and reaching your goals. My practice specialties include:
As a Licensed Mental Health Professional:

  • Anxiety
    Domestic & Sexual Abuse
    Personal Growth
    Professional Development
    Relationship Coaching
    Communications Skills
    Professional & Vocational Training
    Confidence & Personal Power
    Self-Advocacy Support
    Stress Management
    Achieving Balance & Inner Peace
    Co-occurring Disorders
    Community Support Outreach Services

Educationally Trained Therapeutic Models:

  • Family Systems Theories
    Couples/Relationship Counseling
    Mindfulness/Mediation Techniques
    Cognitive Behavioral Applications
    Dialectical Behavioral Applications
    Solution-Focused Brief Interventions
    Person-Centered Approaches
    Empowerment Models
    Play Therapy Techniques/Registered Play Therapy Certification in Process
    Crisis Intervention
    Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) Trained/Certification in Process
    Traumatic Brain Injury Compensatory Training
    Abuse & Trauma Bonding Education
    Intimate Partner Sexual Abuse Education

Life is fluid; so are the Create Pathways Models. Through empowerment and self-advocacy, you will begin finding your way, your way!

Please inquire about my counseling packages to get optimal results at the best value.